14 Day Writing Challenge: Day #1

Hello, everybody! Minah here~! 😉 🙂 *smiles happily & waves hello* Starting today, I shall be doing the 14 Day Writing Challenge!! YAY~!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles excitedly* Today, I will be doing Day #1! 🙂 *smiles* Now, let’s get started, shall we? 

The 14 Day Writing Challenge
Day #1: Short Autobiography

The 14 Day Writing Challenge

Life can be INCREDIBLY boring at times. Other times, it can be EXTREMELY interesting. Is your life boring, or interesting? My life, somehow, is stuck right inbetween boring and interesting. How, you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

I’m a somewhat normal, 15 year old girl. I live in Chesterfield, Virginia (in the United States of America). I am a freshman in high school, and the oldest of three children. I spend most of my days either in school, studying, or in my bedroom, writing and/or daydreaming. There’s not much that I do outside of those two. I’m not very social (in fact, I am VERY socially awkward AND I have social anxiety), and let’s face it, I’ll probably NEVER be invited to an ACTUAL party. I am an A+ student, who focuses mainly on her studies and writing. But then again, I’m making myself sound like that one person in all of the honors classes who has no friends. I have PLENTY of friends, and we hang out a LOT at school. Hanging out outside of school, though, not so much (mainly because my phone is practically ALWAYS taken away).

Anyways, that’s it for Day #1 of the 14 Day Writing Challenge! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily* I REALLY hope that you like it so far! *hopeful face* Please also do me a HUGE favor & leave a comment, telling me what YOU think of my short autobiography! I would GREATLY appreciate it! Please & thank you~! 🙂 *smiles, hoping to see a TON of comments*

I’m going to end this blog post here! Don’t forget to leave a like, comment, & follow my blog! Please & thank you! See you later & peace out~! BYE~!!! 😉 🙂 😀 *smiles & waves*

~Minah H.
AKA Mimi14Senpai


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