14 Day Writing Challenge: Day #2

Good morning, everyone! Minah here~! 😉 🙂 *smiles happily & waves hello* Today is Day #2 of the 14 Day Writing Challenge!! YAY~!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles excitedly* Today, I have to write a fanfiction! This ought to be VERY easy, because (admittedly) I write a LOT of fanfiction! XD *laughs* Anyway, let’s get started, shall we? 

The 14 Day Writing Challenge
Day #2: Fanfiction

The 14 Day Writing Challenge

You were walking around Japan, with your two older brothers. This was a very good thing, but unfortunately… It was also a very, very bad thing. The good thing was that you were in JAPAN, birthplace of most of your favorite things. Such as: pocky, anime, manga, cherry blossom trees, otome dating sim games, and many more. On the other hand, one of the bad things was that your oldest brother, Alfred (America), was shouting on the top of his lungs. He was constantly saying how he was “the hero” to random people and running around crazily. Your other brother, Matthew (Canada), was trying to calm Alfred down. You sighed and mentally facepalmed.

You had desperately hoped that today would be a good, quiet day. Sadly, luck barely ever comes your way. You had dressed up too, for this occasion. You wore a t-shirt with a picture of (favorite anime) on it, a (favorite color) skater skirt, (dark gray or white) knee-high stockings, a pair of your (favorite color) hi-top converse sneakers, a (favorite color) beanie, a silver anime necklace, your favorite watch that you were given from your brothers, a couple of wristbands, your favorite crossbody bag that said “Senpai Notice Me,” and your brand-new pair of eyeglasses (since your old pair was broken because Alfred sat on them).

Soon enough, you grew tired on Alfred’s loud shouting. You sighed and looked around at your surroundings. “I remember that the tour guide said that there were some anime stores nearby. Before Alfred scared him off…” You thought quietly to yourself. “You know what, I’d like to go shopping. I better tell Mattie, before I go, though.” You mentally decided in your head. You quietly walked up to your favorite brother (don’t tell Alfred), and tapped his shoulder softly. Mattie jumped slightly, startled at your touch. When Mattie turned around, you started talking softly, close to a whisper, like you usually do. “Mattie, I’m going to go find those shops that the tour guide was talking about earlier. May I go? I’ll meet up with you guys later,” you said softly to your big brother. Matthew smiled softly at you, and nodded, allowing you to go. “I’ll text you once the World meeting conference is over. Okay, (your nickname)?” Matthew replied. You nodded in response, gave your brother a quick hug, and went on your way to find those shops.

~Time Skip~

You had successfully located the shops, thanks to the map that the tour guide had provided you with. You purchased some new anime CD’s, the newest edition of (favorite manga), a couple of brand-new shirts, a few video game figurines, and a box of pocky. You exited the store, with a small smile on your face. You pulled out the map again, your eyes scanning the paper for other places to go to. “Hmmm… There’s a park nearby, that’s famous for its sakura blossom trees. I’ll go there and read my new manga.” You thought to yourself. You tucked your purchases into your large messenger bag, and started walking towards the park.

Eventually, you found the park. It was absolutely beautiful, filled with many sakura blossom trees and flowers. There were even ponds of koi fish and little streams. “I want to find someplace quiet and somewhat secluded for me to read. So nobody can bother me… Let’s go take a look around, hopefully I can find the perfect place.” You thought. After taking a quick look around, you started searching for that perfect place, as well as admiring the beautiful sights and scenery surrounding you.

Soon enough, you found the perfect place to read your manga. The area was a small island of some sorts, surrounded by sakura blossom trees and streams. In the middle of the “island,” there was a large sakura blossom tree. You hopped over the stream and headed to the middle of the island. You placed your bag beside the large, beautiful tree. Once your belongings were safely on the ground, you sat down beside them, smiling softly. You stuck a hand into your bag and rummaged through it. You took out your box of (favorite flavor) pocky and (favorite manga). Before you started to read the newest edition of (favorite manga), you quickly pulled out your phone and checked for any notifications. In your list of notifications, you had a new message on Wattpad, a new notification for your game Neko Atsume, a brand-new YouTube video from Yandere Dev (creator of Yandere Simulator), and a text message from Matthew. You pulled up the text message. Matthew had texted you saying “We have arrived at the conference. Alfred jumped on the table and is now bugging Arthur.” Matthew had also sent you a quick video of Alfred dancing on the large table and laughing at Arthur (England). You laughed at the video, and sent him a text message back. “I’m at the park. Good luck with Alfie! Lol.” Then, you cleared your notifications and put your phone on vibrate, and put away your phone. You started to quietly read your manga while nibbling on the pocky.

~Time Skip~

You were reading your manga contently, when you sensed someone looking at you. You looked up and saw… a cute black-haired boy around (your age). He looked Japanese. You noticed he was staring at the cover of your manga. The boy looked up and saw you looking at him. You blushed and he did too. “Herro. Sorry if I bothered you. I just noticed the manga you have is the one I was trying to find. It recentry went out of stock. I am Honda Kiku,” the boy explained, bowing.

“U-Ummm… Kon’nichiwa. I am (Y/n) Jones,” you replied. You two stared silently at each other for a bit. “U-Ummm… W-Would you like to read it with me?” You asked Kiku. Kiku looked at you in shock, and slowly nodded. “Yes, prease. Thank you,” Kiku said. Kiku walked over and sat next to you, taking care not to invade your personal space and get too close to you. Once you were both comfortable, the two of you read the spectacular manga together.

~Time Skip~

Your brothers had, eventually, found you, saying that you had to come home for dinner. You waved goodbye to Kiku, when Kiku stopped you and pressed a piece of paper into your hand. “Bye, (Y/n)-chan.” Kiku said, and when your brothers were not looking, he kissed your cheek. You watched as Kiku quickly hurried away. Your face was bright red. You looked at the paper in your hand. It said:

Call me, (Y/n)-chan

You smiled happily, with a bright-red blush on your cheeks, as you walked away with your brothers.

That’s it for Day #2 of the 14 Day Writing Challenge! YAY~!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily* I REALLY hope that you all have enjoyed! *hopeful face* Also, please do me a HUGE favor & leave a comment, telling me what YOU thought of this little fanfiction that I have written! I would GREATLY appreciate it! Please & thank you~! 🙂 *smiles, hoping for a TON of comments*


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