14 Day Writing Challenge: Day #4

Hey, what’s up, everybody? Minah here~! 😉 🙂 😀 *smiles happily & waves hello* Today, I am doing Day #4 of the 14 Day Writing Challenge~! YAY~!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles excitedly* So for Day #4, I have to write a rant about ANYTHING!! Hmmm… What should I rant about…? OH! I know! I will rant about the problems with my generation! This ought to be EXTREMELY interesting!!!!! XD *smiles & laughs* Let’s get started! 

The 14 Day Writing Challenge
Day #4: Rant about Anything

The 14 Day Writing Challenge

Have you ever considered or even thought about the COUNTLESS problems with my generation? No? Well, I sure have! How could I not, since I am a PART of my generation (obviously)! Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

First on the list: Obsessions with social media/phones! We, or at least a LARGE majority of my generation, are absolutely OBSESSED with social media and our cell phones! Most of my generation, instead of actually meeting up & talking FACE-TO-FACE with their friends and/or family, would much rather “Face-Time” or “Snapchat” them. They would rather talk through a screen than actually talking FACE-TO-FACE!!! 😦 *frowns* It REALLY irritates me, because why would you NOT want to ACTUALLY meet up with your friends and ACTUALLY hang out?!?!

Second on the list: DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!! Let’s face it, my generation tends to have a TON of drama, ESPECIALLY at school!!! There are fights, arguements, controversies, and SO much more! 😦 *frowns* It’s a HUGE problem!!

(I apologize for not adding more to this… I had to end it here… Why, you might ask? Well, I had to go take a test for school… I sincerely apologize…) 


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