Random Writing: Tribute #1

Good morning, everyone~! Minah here~! 😉 🙂 *smiles & waves hello* Today, I have a tribute to share with you all!! YAY~!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles excitedly* I wrote this tribute to be dedicated to one of my BEST friends, a girl named Randa! 🙂 *smiles* I REALLY hope that you ALL will enjoy~! 😉 *hopeful face* Now, let’s get started! 

“Thank You, Randa!”
Tribute dedicated to Randa
Written by: Minah AKA Mimi14Senpai

During the previous year of 2016, there was a good amount of people that I couldn’t have possibly survived the year without them there, at my side. My beloved grandparents, my close friends IRL, my online friends, and others. But at least ONE person has impacted me the MOST!! My best friend, Randa, also known as Rpp123. Randa has helped me so much, ever since I have met her. This is a tribute to her and only her, to express my gratitude to her.

I met Randa sometime in the middle of my 8th grade year in middle school, when she moved from North Carolina to Virginia. I like to say that I saved her from becoming friends with the hopeless idiots in our grade called the boys. I met her at the bus stop. I was late to get to the bus stop that day. I saw her all alone, except for the few boys that were there. Randa was about to go to the boys, to try to talk to them. I pulled her away from the boys, and told her that they weren’t the best people to be friends with. I’ve been told by her that she’s moved a lot in her life, so the chances of her staying here in Virginia with me are not much. But I hope SO much that she can stay here with me, at least until she’s old enough to move out and live on her own.

Randa has been by my side through good & bad, through exciting & embarrassing. Randa has helped me through my family troubles, my brief state of depression, our middle school graduation, going to high school for the first time, through schoolwork as well as studying, and through so much more.

Randa has also helped me, bit by bit, come out of my shell. She’s assisted me in overcoming my shyness and she’s helped form a solid foundation for who I’ve become. So many have come and tried to do what many could not. Reach me and understand me. Randa is one of the first people who achieved that.

Before I met Randa, I was that one lonely, shy kid who was so quiet. She has helped me show my true colors, my true personality. Randa’s loyalty, optimistic attitude, friendliness, humor, and confidence are some absolutely wonderful traits that I couldn’t have lived without.

I’ve never been the best at expressing gratitude. It’s always been difficult for me. Especially since I can never remember what I’m supposed to say. Not to mention that we both know oh so well that I stutter, a LOT. But, Randa, PLEASE know, you are one of the bright stars that light up my dark sky. In fact, you’re one of the brightest stars, shining up there. And for that, I thank you.

Tribute to Rpp123 (Book Cover)


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