Come check out my VERY good friend, Daina West’s BRAND-NEW story!! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily* It has a FANTASTIC start, and I HIGHLY suggest that you check it out! 🙂 *smiles* You DEFINITELY won’t regret it~!

Daina W. West


“Melodramatics | A WordPress Story” belongs to Daina W. West and her blog.

This story was made for fun, but its rights belong to D. W. West.


Chapter 1: College, Writing, Memories and Garth Brooks

She didn’t dare look back as she ran down the crest of the hill, barely keeping her balance.

The rolling green hillside almost seemed to taunt her, “I dare you! Slip and ruin everything!”

Grace didn’t dare slip. Her loved ones were counting on it.

Her mother, father, her sister Elizah, and even Elizah’s annoying boyfriend, Kevin. But most of all, Kent had put everything he had into keeping her safe. Keeping Grace safe…

I struggled to find words as the tip of my pen barely scratched the surface of the paper. Ink spilled from the tip, leaving a heavy blot soaking through the page.


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