Essay #7: “Thinking About My Future”

(Check out my BRAND-NEW essay) Have you ever thought about your future? About what you want to do in life? I sure have, and let’s just say… I have some insight on my future.

Come check out my NEWEST photography post! 🙂 *smiles* There are NUMEROUS photos in this post~!

Please check out my NEWEST drawing!! 😉 *excited face* This drawing is called... "ROYGBIV Blooms~!" 🙂 *smiles* I REALLY hope that you ALL will ❤ this artwork~! 😉 *hopeful face*

Check out my BRAND-NEW photography post!! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily* Today, I have NUMEROUS photos to share with you all~!

Come check out my BRAND-NEW photography post~! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily*

Essay #6: “Speak Loud”

(Check out my BRAND-NEW essay~!) Speak LOUD!! You have a voice, use it! Your voice is more powerful than you think, you can change the WORLD with simply your voice!

PLEASE come check out my NEWEST drawing!! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily* It's a pretty yet simple drawing of some birds! I REALLY hope that you ALL will enjoy~! 😉 *hopeful face*

Check out my NEWEST photography post~! 🙂 😀 *smiles excitedly*

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