Contact Information

Contact Me #1

  • If you want to collaborate with me, email me at:
    • I’m willing to collaborate on: MAINLY poetry, writing/literature (such as articles, poetry, + short stories), and more (HOPEFULLY) coming soon!
    • Even if you DO email me, hoping to collaborate with me, it MIGHT take me a while to reply AND it might take a while for me to schedule a time/date when you & I can collaborate! I apologize in advance for this! 😦 *frowns*
  • My Links are listed below:

* My CURRENT YouTube Channel
* My OLD YouTube Channel
* My 2nd WordPress Blog
* My 3rd WordPress Blog
* My Twitter Account
* My GoodReads Profile
* My GoodReads Book Club
* My Quotev Account
* My Booksie Account
* More to be added soon~!


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